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War Memorial Hospital
Sea Road
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The present day building first opened its doors in 1930 although there had been a previous hospital on the plot, built in 1900.

Listed in the hall are the names of 267 local men who served in the war and the 37 who lost their lives. The hospital serves as a memorial to these men.

An out-patients and Physiotherapy department was opened in 1965.  Prior to the construction of the Day Room there was a large Treatment room, which had to be demolished.
Over the Christmas of 1981 the hospital closed for the first time and remained closed for four months during which time a major refurbishment scheme took place. Only the Day Room and the Out-patients remained open.

On 8th May 1982 the hospital reopened with, what was then, the most up to date nurse call system, smoke alarms and a complete re-wire of the electrics. The old operating theatre was converted into a 3 bed respite unit in 1989. In 1990 the League of Friends funded additional alterations and the addition of the Therapy Room. 

The original Day Room was opened in 1974 and was extended in 1978 to double its size.  A fire in 1985 badly damaged this area. The cause of the fire was a patient who set light to himself whilst smoking.
The area which was once the Operating Theatre was further converted in 2000. The alterations provided a 3 bedded ward with hoists, named the Anne Spenser Ward; a two bedded ward, named the Joy Ginda ward and a relatives' quiet room.

The hospital opened completely debt free in 1930 thanks to the generosity of the locals who donated 4,367. This was added to the proceeds from the sale of the old hospital and 1,500 then in the hospitals general fund, which all added up to over 7,500 being the cost of building, furnishing and completely equipping the hospital. By 1931 further donation from the local community brought in another 1,300 which was a substantial amount at that time.

The scale of payments for hospitalisation in 1944 were:
Private ward 5.5s per week excluding X-rays, operating theatre, special nursing or medicines.
Semi-private ward 3.3s per week excluding X-rays, operating theatre, special nursing or medicines.

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